Often we visit a new food business, and we are not quite sure what to expect. Don’t worry. You’re not alone, and we’ve got your back! People often avoid experiencing new things in life out of the fear of uncertainty. 

Perhaps you have social anxiety, and you are unsure how to mask it in your time of need. Here are some advice giveaways for you to practice when visiting a new place. Hopefully, this will give you a textbook guide to let your taste buds have more fun in life.

Unfamiliar Food

Observation is the key! When encountering unfamiliar food that you have never eaten before or never heard of, and you’re unsure of how to eat, look around yourself to find someone with the same dish and observe discreetly. 

If you do not find someone, observe the placement of utensils on your table. You are supposed to start on the outside and move inwards.

Ask Questions

You’re here to have the same experience as everyone else. You paid for the dining experience; hence it is your right to ask for what you can’t interpret. We will forever be delighted to answer the questions of our guests. So if you have any questions regarding food or anything that bothers you, ask away!


We customize all the food per our guests’ requests, and we certainly don’t want you to get sick. If you have any food allergies, you must tell us beforehand, even before consuming. We can surely replace the food, and we promise that it won’t be wasted. Maybe our staff can enjoy a free meal!

However, there are some instances where the aroma or taste of the food might not appeal to you, or you may find something alien in your food. In that case, let the host or waiter know politely, be gracious and excuse yourself from it. Politeness never goes out of fashion!

Food Concepts is here to bring you the best dining experience, so we make sure that our customers are satisfied and fulfilled. So call us right now to book your spot and enjoy our delicious meals while staying within your budget. Be our guest!

With Food Concepts, you get to appreciate the moments with your loved ones a little more. Today we have brought you some unique ideas to give your loved ones on their birthday according to their love language.

First, let’s look at what love languages are? The love languages refer to how you want to be treated or loved. It is believed that there are 5 ways to show love, and for every individual, there is one dominant way one wants to be loved more than the other 4. These love languages are quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, physical touch, words of affirmation. Let’s look at the gift ideas!

Quality Time

Maybe your partner loves spending some quality time! They prefer the experience over any gift. So why not give them an experience as a gift? You can plan a date by taking them to the nearest undiscovered spot, go together for thrill rides, play table games and, in short, do something fun and new that you had never done before. We can definitely work around the idea with our talented staff, who will make your experience unforgettable!

Receiving Gifts

These people love being spoiled! You can spoil them with any material gift, and they will be on the 9th cloud! Whether it is food, perfume, art supplies… better yet, you can give them a gift for 5 senses or each love language! Food Concepts is here to bring you an experience of a lifetime with different props and an exciting setup. You can also listen to them closely and figure out what they currently NEED! They will be overjoyed to receive that as a gift!

Acts Of Service

Perhaps your partner is overworked and needs a break or a helping hand. Maybe you can celebrate a birth week or birth month by doing all the chores that need to be done, and to add a little twist to it, you can plan a “staycation” for them! It is the same as a vacation, but you plan it at home rather than going on an extravagant date. This way, they will get to be in the comfort of their home in PJs, relax and have a home-cooked meal made by you! Our decor experts can come over to put up a set, and do not worry! We’ll leave the space clean as before with no leftovers for you!

Physical Touch

These ones are the easiest to please if you observe close enough! Your partner demands hugs all the time and needs to be in a tight space with you at all times? Their love language is physical touch, without a doubt! For their special day, you can knit them a cozy sweater! This will make them appreciate you a lot more due to all the effort! You can also give them a weighted blanket to generate the feeling of a hug all night long. Also, do not forget to hug them tight and kiss their forehead!

Words Of Affirmation

People with this love language love being flaunted! Even though one should flaunt their partners at all times, it would be a delight to let them know how important you are to them on their special day! There are some ideas you can use to reassure them a lot. You can write them a heartfelt letter, you can give them an engraved necklace to wear all the time! Perhaps put a picture of you two in it with an affectionate message. Another idea would be 365 letters in which you can write down a short, sweet message for them to read each day.

You can always mix and match all of these to enhance and better suit your partner’s love language! Food Concepts will always be by your side to ensure that you and your loved ones get an extraordinary experience no matter the occasion. So call us now to book and enjoy the best day of your life with us!

There’s a famous saying that goes, “If you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine!” Perhaps you are a cosplayer waiting for another ComicCon or TwinCon to show off your new cosplay, but nothing is coming up. Why not host a meetup or a themed party yourself? We are at your service to bring you all the ideas to convince your friends for an unforgettable meetup. Let’s go!

Money Heist

El Professor and his sly plans might have inspired you to become a part of the great revolution. We can make your friends sing along to the renowned Bella Ciao while cosplaying The Professor, Nairobi, Tokyo, Rio, Denver and many more. In fact, we feel like Caesar Gandia would be an exceptional addition to the cosplay party. He will definitely insinuate the “adrenaline rush” among the mask-bearers. We are curious to hear your ideas on what food would you suggest for such a party? The Professor feasting on a desi delight will be a sight to behold.

Squid Game

You can never go wrong with this! The recruiter of Seong Gi-Hun, Gong Yoo, always leaves us in awe with his acting and the handsome “ahjussi” persona. It must be a hassle to decide which character to cosplay. Every character has a different fanbase, whether the intimidating Sae-Byeok, the sly Oh Ill Nam, or the manipulative Han Min-Yeo. It is highly likely to fall into a tassel over which one to cosplay. The series gives you all the work to do for the party with all the games and how to host elimination, so play on!

Stranger Things

This would be fun for parents with toddlers and fresh adults with younger teen siblings! The wide variety of characters of all ages provides us with the opportunity to involve our loved ones in all the fun! Imagine playing Joyce Byers, a rightfully anxious and empathetic mom who trusts and believes her babies against the world and does everything in her power to protect them. But, of course, we’ll be mystified to see who would hold the presence like Winona Ryder, who has been stealing the hearts of millions since the 90s. This will be one great idea for a themed party, and we’re stoked to hear the ideas about how you want us to execute the plan to defeat Demogorgon!

The Umbrella Academy

Each one of them is a delight to be around! To stay in character is an art that not everyone can master, and this show has such a diverse character line with superpowers that are almost comical. Klaus must be the hardest to play because it would be fun to spook people by pretending to talk to the dead. No one will understand until Ben walks in! Wreaking havoc would be hard for Vanya with no green screen and VFX, so she might blend in with others. We’re curious to see how Vanya will be cosplayed to stand out. Or maybe we can give you a hint! Read the article till the end and let us know if you found the answer?

The Witcher

A combination of somewhat royal and mystical warrior cosplay will be an extraordinary experience. Your friends might as well go to the extent of dying their own hair rather than using a wig, and that would be marvelous to see.

All in all, we are waiting impatiently to see how creative you and your friends can get with the ideas for decor, probs and especially cosplays! In addition, the themed music would add an element to the party, so play your violins on and let us know if you found the answer to our riddle! Contact us now for excellent service and amazing deals for your spectacular party.

The wedding season is marked by many events and family gatherings accompanied by music and dances prepared for the mehndi. But the pandemic calls for taking precautions even on your wedding day. ESPECIALLY ON YOUR WEDDING DAY! You do not want to spend your honeymoon sick and in bed in isolation. So keep these guidelines in mind while planning your mehndi during the pandemic.

Wear Masks

Make sure you and all your guests are wearing masks. The blue and white surgical masks will look slightly off your lehenga choli. Still, an unprotected respiratory system is not worth all the glamor. To resolve this problem, you can use decorated masks. Even better, you can order a bunch of customized facemasks with a consistent theme for everyone. Or plan different motifs for different sections. Then, you can keep those masks at the entrance and distribute them when the guests enter. This will also save you the hassle of going beyond your flashy eye makeup! No one will notice if you keep your mask on!

Keep The Guest List Concise 

Try to avoid as many extra guests as you can. Try inviting only close family and friends. This way, you will have more time to cherish the day and go through less hassle of making everyone happy and fulfilled. The event will be well adjusted to your budget. You can spend the extra money to enhance already available luxuries.

Hand Sanitizers And Moisturizers For Everyone!

Keep scented hand sanitizers and moisturizers on every table for all the guests. You can invest in getting these two paired since hand sanitizers make the skin extremely sensitive, which might be uncomfortable for some guests. It is better to have the two paired up for hygiene and skincare.

Tissues And Wet Wipes

Keep a box of tissues and wet wipes on every table for chaotic events like mehndi. It is advisable to avoid a public restroom trip for a mere spill or a casual hand wash. Instead, guests can use wet wipes and hand sanitizers that get the same job done. 

Six Feet Apart

Following the SOPs, you have to keep a six feet distance and advise your guests to do the same. This will prevent exposure to the coronavirus and keep everyone safe. Likewise, choreograph dances but maintain the same distance. A pandemic does not mean one should stop having fun, especially when it is a once-in-a-lifetime event. 

Give Space To The Infected Ones

Along with the invitation, attach a note of compassion for your guests, advising them to stay home if they feel sick. Remember to be compassionate and avoid seeming unkind. Use words of kindness and comfort and let them know that their presence will be appreciated, but you will entirely reason with them if they need to miss the wedding. It is recommended to avoid exposure to COVID to the maximum extent possible. 

Use Visual Cues

Keep in mind that there are all kinds of people attending your wedding and most of the time you will not know who requires what to follow the instructions. Some guests might not be exposing themselves and others to the viruses intentionally. Still, they will need visual and audio reminders to follow the guidelines. What you can do is to put a small board with hand-lettered or calligraphed guidelines on every table. This will serve as a visual cue for them to follow the guidelines. Another thing you can do is to assign or hire a person who can politely remind the ones not following SOPs to follow the guidelines. You can also have an announcement explaining the SOPs once all the guests have arrived.

An outdoor wedding is becoming a trend now, with people discovering new destinations and outdoor spaces with natural beauty that only require touch-ups. They’re good to go for their event. However, there are still many things to plan when going for an outdoor wedding. We are here to help you with the essential tips you must consider before planning an outdoor wedding.


Before planning anything, go to the venue a week or two before your wedding to get the permit. Imagine the horror and embarrassment! You are in the middle of your event, and you get to know that you need to pack up and leave because you did not get a permit or confirm with the authorities to hold an event. So obtain your receipt before you plan anything at all to save all the embarrassment on your big day.

Make Sure Your Guests Are Comfortable

Check the weather forecast before planning your wedding, and keep the season in mind as well. If it is a chilly winter season, make sure that you serve warm drinks and appetizers like tea, coffee, and soup. Arrange the patio heaters around the tables to make your guests cozy. 

If it is sunny and hot, serve cool drinks like margaritas and desserts like ice creams. Arrange patio fans to beat the heat. Ensure your guests are hydrated by advising the waiters to circulate drinks and mineral water at regular intervals.

Have An Arrangement For The Wind

Keep the windy weather in mind! If it is windy on your wedding day, make sure you have planned. Make your dress have a heavy border at the bottom so that wind does not ruin the quality and style of your dress. Style your hair for the wind. Avoid having any loose strands to prevent messy hair that you did not intend. But if there is a light breeze, you can go for loose strands or let your hair down to add an accent to your big day.

Opt For Foods Suitable For Outdoor Setup

Everyone loves to barbecue in Pakistan! So if you plan to go for a live barbecue that can be served fresh and hot to guests when it is time. You can get creative with your desserts as well. Go for biscuits stuffed with chocolate and roasted marshmallows. Kids and adults both will love you for this!

No One Invites The Flying Ones!

We know you did not invite the mosquitoes and crawlers either. So we team up with you to arrange scented products to keep them away so your guests do not go around swatting in the air. Some tips to avoid this problem are hiring an exterminator who will spray the venue three to four days before the event. This way, you can prevent most of the crawling and flying bugs. Other than that, you can ask the florist to incorporate flowers that bugs despise. You can have citronella candles to drive the mosquitos away too. They are not unpleasant and uncomfortable for guests either and solve the problem. Bug zappers are also an excellent alternative to keep the pesky ones away.

Always Have A Backup Plan

Arrange everything but keep the odds in mind too. Make sure you are prepared for all kinds of challenges.

  • Prepare for rainy weather, even if it is sunny.
  • Keep another venue close to your main venue in mind if something goes wrong, even with the permit. This way, it will be easier for your guests and you to move without wasting too much time and effort.
  • Let your planners arrange some sort of fabric or another arrangement in case of emergency windy weather to block the wind.
  • Always order more food than needed so that the food does not run out in any case.
  • Have a bottle of bug spray under each table if the candles and other arrangements fail under any circumstances.

With these tips, you will be good to go and your big day will not be ruined by anything, and you can enjoy your perfect destination wedding!