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6 Tips For An Outdoor Wedding

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An outdoor wedding is becoming a trend now, with people discovering new destinations and outdoor spaces with natural beauty that only require touch-ups. They’re good to go for their event. However, there are still many things to plan when going for an outdoor wedding. We are here to help you with the essential tips you must consider before planning an outdoor wedding.


Before planning anything, go to the venue a week or two before your wedding to get the permit. Imagine the horror and embarrassment! You are in the middle of your event, and you get to know that you need to pack up and leave because you did not get a permit or confirm with the authorities to hold an event. So obtain your receipt before you plan anything at all to save all the embarrassment on your big day.

Make Sure Your Guests Are Comfortable

Check the weather forecast before planning your wedding, and keep the season in mind as well. If it is a chilly winter season, make sure that you serve warm drinks and appetizers like tea, coffee, and soup. Arrange the patio heaters around the tables to make your guests cozy. 

If it is sunny and hot, serve cool drinks like margaritas and desserts like ice creams. Arrange patio fans to beat the heat. Ensure your guests are hydrated by advising the waiters to circulate drinks and mineral water at regular intervals.

Have An Arrangement For The Wind

Keep the windy weather in mind! If it is windy on your wedding day, make sure you have planned. Make your dress have a heavy border at the bottom so that wind does not ruin the quality and style of your dress. Style your hair for the wind. Avoid having any loose strands to prevent messy hair that you did not intend. But if there is a light breeze, you can go for loose strands or let your hair down to add an accent to your big day.

Opt For Foods Suitable For Outdoor Setup

Everyone loves to barbecue in Pakistan! So if you plan to go for a live barbecue that can be served fresh and hot to guests when it is time. You can get creative with your desserts as well. Go for biscuits stuffed with chocolate and roasted marshmallows. Kids and adults both will love you for this!

No One Invites The Flying Ones!

We know you did not invite the mosquitoes and crawlers either. So we team up with you to arrange scented products to keep them away so your guests do not go around swatting in the air. Some tips to avoid this problem are hiring an exterminator who will spray the venue three to four days before the event. This way, you can prevent most of the crawling and flying bugs. Other than that, you can ask the florist to incorporate flowers that bugs despise. You can have citronella candles to drive the mosquitos away too. They are not unpleasant and uncomfortable for guests either and solve the problem. Bug zappers are also an excellent alternative to keep the pesky ones away.

Always Have A Backup Plan

Arrange everything but keep the odds in mind too. Make sure you are prepared for all kinds of challenges.

  • Prepare for rainy weather, even if it is sunny.
  • Keep another venue close to your main venue in mind if something goes wrong, even with the permit. This way, it will be easier for your guests and you to move without wasting too much time and effort.
  • Let your planners arrange some sort of fabric or another arrangement in case of emergency windy weather to block the wind.
  • Always order more food than needed so that the food does not run out in any case.
  • Have a bottle of bug spray under each table if the candles and other arrangements fail under any circumstances.

With these tips, you will be good to go and your big day will not be ruined by anything, and you can enjoy your perfect destination wedding!

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