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Precautions To Take On Your Mehndi Amidst The Pandemic

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The wedding season is marked by many events and family gatherings accompanied by music and dances prepared for the mehndi. But the pandemic calls for taking precautions even on your wedding day. ESPECIALLY ON YOUR WEDDING DAY! You do not want to spend your honeymoon sick and in bed in isolation. So keep these guidelines in mind while planning your mehndi during the pandemic.

Wear Masks

Make sure you and all your guests are wearing masks. The blue and white surgical masks will look slightly off your lehenga choli. Still, an unprotected respiratory system is not worth all the glamor. To resolve this problem, you can use decorated masks. Even better, you can order a bunch of customized facemasks with a consistent theme for everyone. Or plan different motifs for different sections. Then, you can keep those masks at the entrance and distribute them when the guests enter. This will also save you the hassle of going beyond your flashy eye makeup! No one will notice if you keep your mask on!

Keep The Guest List Concise 

Try to avoid as many extra guests as you can. Try inviting only close family and friends. This way, you will have more time to cherish the day and go through less hassle of making everyone happy and fulfilled. The event will be well adjusted to your budget. You can spend the extra money to enhance already available luxuries.

Hand Sanitizers And Moisturizers For Everyone!

Keep scented hand sanitizers and moisturizers on every table for all the guests. You can invest in getting these two paired since hand sanitizers make the skin extremely sensitive, which might be uncomfortable for some guests. It is better to have the two paired up for hygiene and skincare.

Tissues And Wet Wipes

Keep a box of tissues and wet wipes on every table for chaotic events like mehndi. It is advisable to avoid a public restroom trip for a mere spill or a casual hand wash. Instead, guests can use wet wipes and hand sanitizers that get the same job done. 

Six Feet Apart

Following the SOPs, you have to keep a six feet distance and advise your guests to do the same. This will prevent exposure to the coronavirus and keep everyone safe. Likewise, choreograph dances but maintain the same distance. A pandemic does not mean one should stop having fun, especially when it is a once-in-a-lifetime event. 

Give Space To The Infected Ones

Along with the invitation, attach a note of compassion for your guests, advising them to stay home if they feel sick. Remember to be compassionate and avoid seeming unkind. Use words of kindness and comfort and let them know that their presence will be appreciated, but you will entirely reason with them if they need to miss the wedding. It is recommended to avoid exposure to COVID to the maximum extent possible. 

Use Visual Cues

Keep in mind that there are all kinds of people attending your wedding and most of the time you will not know who requires what to follow the instructions. Some guests might not be exposing themselves and others to the viruses intentionally. Still, they will need visual and audio reminders to follow the guidelines. What you can do is to put a small board with hand-lettered or calligraphed guidelines on every table. This will serve as a visual cue for them to follow the guidelines. Another thing you can do is to assign or hire a person who can politely remind the ones not following SOPs to follow the guidelines. You can also have an announcement explaining the SOPs once all the guests have arrived.

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