Themed Parties To Throw In March: Netflix Edition

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There’s a famous saying that goes, “If you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine!” Perhaps you are a cosplayer waiting for another ComicCon or TwinCon to show off your new cosplay, but nothing is coming up. Why not host a meetup or a themed party yourself? We are at your service to bring you all the ideas to convince your friends for an unforgettable meetup. Let’s go!

Money Heist

El Professor and his sly plans might have inspired you to become a part of the great revolution. We can make your friends sing along to the renowned Bella Ciao while cosplaying The Professor, Nairobi, Tokyo, Rio, Denver and many more. In fact, we feel like Caesar Gandia would be an exceptional addition to the cosplay party. He will definitely insinuate the “adrenaline rush” among the mask-bearers. We are curious to hear your ideas on what food would you suggest for such a party? The Professor feasting on a desi delight will be a sight to behold.

Squid Game

You can never go wrong with this! The recruiter of Seong Gi-Hun, Gong Yoo, always leaves us in awe with his acting and the handsome “ahjussi” persona. It must be a hassle to decide which character to cosplay. Every character has a different fanbase, whether the intimidating Sae-Byeok, the sly Oh Ill Nam, or the manipulative Han Min-Yeo. It is highly likely to fall into a tassel over which one to cosplay. The series gives you all the work to do for the party with all the games and how to host elimination, so play on!

Stranger Things

This would be fun for parents with toddlers and fresh adults with younger teen siblings! The wide variety of characters of all ages provides us with the opportunity to involve our loved ones in all the fun! Imagine playing Joyce Byers, a rightfully anxious and empathetic mom who trusts and believes her babies against the world and does everything in her power to protect them. But, of course, we’ll be mystified to see who would hold the presence like Winona Ryder, who has been stealing the hearts of millions since the 90s. This will be one great idea for a themed party, and we’re stoked to hear the ideas about how you want us to execute the plan to defeat Demogorgon!

The Umbrella Academy

Each one of them is a delight to be around! To stay in character is an art that not everyone can master, and this show has such a diverse character line with superpowers that are almost comical. Klaus must be the hardest to play because it would be fun to spook people by pretending to talk to the dead. No one will understand until Ben walks in! Wreaking havoc would be hard for Vanya with no green screen and VFX, so she might blend in with others. We’re curious to see how Vanya will be cosplayed to stand out. Or maybe we can give you a hint! Read the article till the end and let us know if you found the answer?

The Witcher

A combination of somewhat royal and mystical warrior cosplay will be an extraordinary experience. Your friends might as well go to the extent of dying their own hair rather than using a wig, and that would be marvelous to see.

All in all, we are waiting impatiently to see how creative you and your friends can get with the ideas for decor, probs and especially cosplays! In addition, the themed music would add an element to the party, so play your violins on and let us know if you found the answer to our riddle! Contact us now for excellent service and amazing deals for your spectacular party.

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