5 Birthday Gift Ideas For 5 Love Languages

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With Food Concepts, you get to appreciate the moments with your loved ones a little more. Today we have brought you some unique ideas to give your loved ones on their birthday according to their love language.

First, let’s look at what love languages are? The love languages refer to how you want to be treated or loved. It is believed that there are 5 ways to show love, and for every individual, there is one dominant way one wants to be loved more than the other 4. These love languages are quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, physical touch, words of affirmation. Let’s look at the gift ideas!

Quality Time

Maybe your partner loves spending some quality time! They prefer the experience over any gift. So why not give them an experience as a gift? You can plan a date by taking them to the nearest undiscovered spot, go together for thrill rides, play table games and, in short, do something fun and new that you had never done before. We can definitely work around the idea with our talented staff, who will make your experience unforgettable!

Receiving Gifts

These people love being spoiled! You can spoil them with any material gift, and they will be on the 9th cloud! Whether it is food, perfume, art supplies… better yet, you can give them a gift for 5 senses or each love language! Food Concepts is here to bring you an experience of a lifetime with different props and an exciting setup. You can also listen to them closely and figure out what they currently NEED! They will be overjoyed to receive that as a gift!

Acts Of Service

Perhaps your partner is overworked and needs a break or a helping hand. Maybe you can celebrate a birth week or birth month by doing all the chores that need to be done, and to add a little twist to it, you can plan a “staycation” for them! It is the same as a vacation, but you plan it at home rather than going on an extravagant date. This way, they will get to be in the comfort of their home in PJs, relax and have a home-cooked meal made by you! Our decor experts can come over to put up a set, and do not worry! We’ll leave the space clean as before with no leftovers for you!

Physical Touch

These ones are the easiest to please if you observe close enough! Your partner demands hugs all the time and needs to be in a tight space with you at all times? Their love language is physical touch, without a doubt! For their special day, you can knit them a cozy sweater! This will make them appreciate you a lot more due to all the effort! You can also give them a weighted blanket to generate the feeling of a hug all night long. Also, do not forget to hug them tight and kiss their forehead!

Words Of Affirmation

People with this love language love being flaunted! Even though one should flaunt their partners at all times, it would be a delight to let them know how important you are to them on their special day! There are some ideas you can use to reassure them a lot. You can write them a heartfelt letter, you can give them an engraved necklace to wear all the time! Perhaps put a picture of you two in it with an affectionate message. Another idea would be 365 letters in which you can write down a short, sweet message for them to read each day.

You can always mix and match all of these to enhance and better suit your partner’s love language! Food Concepts will always be by your side to ensure that you and your loved ones get an extraordinary experience no matter the occasion. So call us now to book and enjoy the best day of your life with us!

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