Wedding is the only event when all the attention and focus is on you. Why should it not be? It is a once in a lifetime moment and you deserve it! With all the attention hits the anxiety of everything being perfect. Most brides face stage anxiety where you are scared of being the center of attention. This is common and there is nothing to worry about. Here is a guide to be a calm bride. 

You’re Not The Only One Anxious!

Yes! You’re not the only one who is anxious on your big day. It is your groom’s big day as well and it is also a big day for your parents and in-laws making them equally nervous. They want everything to be perfect too. So chill out! Everything will work out just fine.

Visualize Your Big Day

Fantasize the most perfect moments! This is the moment you waited for so long and it is finally here. Visualize the moments when you will finally say, “Qubool hai!” out loud. Visualize walking down the aisle and rocking to your favorite songs, receiving salamis (of course, who doesn’t get excited at this thought) think about how you will be spending them after. Try to have fun in your mind before facing the actual event.

Make Sure To Have “Me” Time

Even if you expect yourself to not panic, make sure that you already have some activities planned ahead of time. You can compile a playlist consisting of your favorite songs, have a set of headphones and just sit in a corner, close your eyes and jam to your favorite songs. You can literally take anything you love doing into the bridal room with you to relax and kill some time. It can be crocheting, painting, calligraphy, journal or anything at all. Being a bride should not stop you from that.


Keep Your Favorite People Around

If you have someone you feel extremely comfortable with, make sure to keep them around and ask them to stay with you at all times. Choose your best friends as your bridesmaids to keep them around. They can surely lighten up the mood and lift you in case you feel anxious. 

Get Cheeky With The Photos

Did you know that your wedding photos don’t need to be all formal and forced? You can surely pull off some creative and ridiculous poses with your girlfriends and even with your man. Who wants a boring photoshoot to look back to? No one! So make it memorable and fun.

Focus On Your Man

Today might be the last or one of the fewest days you both dressed and got ready this way. Make sure you both look at each other all you want and cherish the moments. Be extra on your big day and pull off the dresses and suits. Keep in mind that both of you are equally nervous and you both can release some stress by reassuring each other.This will put you in a savior mode and you will feel more confident and less stressed or anxious!

So, let us know if this guide was helpful for you on your big day. Grand Events will always be your number one savior when it comes to any kind of event management. You can always trust us to make your events memorable and unique. Visit our website or call us to book a slot.

Sometimes we want to spice things up a little for the party. The party can be for any reason. For instance birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers and many more. For upcoming parties and casual get together parties we have compiled a list of ideas to spice it up a bit. Here are some cool concepts to try at the next event. Let’s take a look.


If you have been a person who has always gone for an off-beat kind of style then you should go for an alternative theme party. It is also known as the “alt theme” party. In order to complement the theme the party will incorporate some gothic elements along with a dash of e-girl e-boy concept. This concept will work best if you are having friends over who met on a gaming platform or in a cosplay convention. 


If you’re a fan of journaling and collecting and pressing flowers, the vintage style might fit your preference. You can easily channel this through your dress and accessories. With vintage you can play around with many gadgets. Giving your guests letters typed with a typewriter and with a whiff of a soft perfume that smells like old books will add an element of delight. It will be a lot more meaningful for your guests and a pleasant memory to hold on.


This style will be set in a utopian tone with the splashes of all the bright colors and giving off the vibe of fairyland. This will be perfect for bookworms in love with this genre or kids of ages between 1-6. You can make it magical by hiring a street magician who can sprinkle a little glitter dust to yours and your kid’s life. 

Cottage core vibe with mushrooms and small huts as a part of the theme will also complement the theme and set the mood. You can even make a garland out of natural flowers or maybe hold an activity to make a garland and gift it to your fellow vintage sisters. 


The concept is vast and you can incorporate many elements into it. It will be set in a rural mood and you can use your imagination and creativity to blend elements of both worlds into it. You can use barrels as support to make a table out of a sheet of wood. Use wood plank as a dish to serve drinks and for drinks you can use bottles wrapped with jute to complement the style. 


This theme is not limited to planets and stars! Dreamcatchers, black cats and everything relating to the world of astronomy is also a part of the celestial theme too. The celestial theme is different from galactic. It has more to do with the spiritual elements than the physical elements. The astronomical concept will complement your personality. You can hire a fortune teller for more fun. Tarot cards will enchant the audience and enhance your party. 

Any concept you want to go for as an event planner, Food Concept has always got your back and our experienced staff will also suggest some out of the box ideas. We want your party to rock as much as you want. So, contact us and let us know your plans for the upcoming party and collaborate with us to make your party the best in the town.

While planning for a corporate event, you want it to be attractive. Still, you also don’t want too many distractions so that the guests can focus on the ceremony too. Have you ever considered the fact that the food can also be distracting? Yes! Sometimes food can also be distracting. It can lead to mindless eating followed by guests concentrating more on food than the acceptance speech. 

Here are some science-backed tips on how to serve food so that it becomes less distracting and guests can avoid mindless eating.

Visual Reminders

Many people rely on external cues rather than internal cues for food. To stop food from being a distraction, you can use these visual cues to make them eat less. What these visual cues can be, you may ask? For example, while deciding on what you serve, you should ask yourself, does this food leave any leftovers like bones, stems, etc.? If not, this food will be consumed mindlessly because there are no visual cues reminding the person of how much they have already finished. For example, French fries will be consumed way more than wings because fries do not leave leftovers.

Favor smaller Packages

Known as the portion size effect, you can also use packaging as the visual cue. For example, you can serve food in small packages to finish it quickly. Then, before going for another one, the guests will see that they have already consumed a portion.

Use Smaller Plates And Taller Glasses

This is also another external cue. Bigger plates make the portion seem less encouraging guests to serve more food to themselves. Having smaller plates and taller glasses can make your cut look bigger, encouraging you to serve yourself less. This will keep your guests focused more on the event and less on the food.

Decrease Variety

Having less variety is believed to numb the senses making you consume less food. For example, a study was conducted serving one group of test subjects with different colored M&Ms and the other group with the same colored M&Ms. 

The group that served the different colors ate 43 more M&Ms. The other group ate less, even though they all had the same flavor. So to stop mindless eating, you should try decreasing the variety of food and drinks served.

Keep Some Food Out Of Sight

Let’s say you have planned to serve candies to your guests. To avoid mindless eating, opt for solid colored bowls for serving. Studies have shown that serving in transparent bowls increases intake up to 71% more than in solid-colored bowls.

Increase The Inconvenience Of Eating

Suppose you are looking forward to your guests paying more attention to you and less attention to food. In that case, you might consider increasing the inconvenience of getting candies, juices, etc. Consider placing them far away to make your guests think if they really need to have sweets again. 

Now that you have your tips on making food less distracting, you may rely on us to handle the rest. We will give you the best food and catering service along with extravagant decor. So contact Food Concepts now to book an appointment and get your event planner at once and your event managed professionally!