How To Make Food Less Distracting

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While planning for a corporate event, you want it to be attractive. Still, you also don’t want too many distractions so that the guests can focus on the ceremony too. Have you ever considered the fact that the food can also be distracting? Yes! Sometimes food can also be distracting. It can lead to mindless eating followed by guests concentrating more on food than the acceptance speech. 

Here are some science-backed tips on how to serve food so that it becomes less distracting and guests can avoid mindless eating.

Visual Reminders

Many people rely on external cues rather than internal cues for food. To stop food from being a distraction, you can use these visual cues to make them eat less. What these visual cues can be, you may ask? For example, while deciding on what you serve, you should ask yourself, does this food leave any leftovers like bones, stems, etc.? If not, this food will be consumed mindlessly because there are no visual cues reminding the person of how much they have already finished. For example, French fries will be consumed way more than wings because fries do not leave leftovers.

Favor smaller Packages

Known as the portion size effect, you can also use packaging as the visual cue. For example, you can serve food in small packages to finish it quickly. Then, before going for another one, the guests will see that they have already consumed a portion.

Use Smaller Plates And Taller Glasses

This is also another external cue. Bigger plates make the portion seem less encouraging guests to serve more food to themselves. Having smaller plates and taller glasses can make your cut look bigger, encouraging you to serve yourself less. This will keep your guests focused more on the event and less on the food.

Decrease Variety

Having less variety is believed to numb the senses making you consume less food. For example, a study was conducted serving one group of test subjects with different colored M&Ms and the other group with the same colored M&Ms. 

The group that served the different colors ate 43 more M&Ms. The other group ate less, even though they all had the same flavor. So to stop mindless eating, you should try decreasing the variety of food and drinks served.

Keep Some Food Out Of Sight

Let’s say you have planned to serve candies to your guests. To avoid mindless eating, opt for solid colored bowls for serving. Studies have shown that serving in transparent bowls increases intake up to 71% more than in solid-colored bowls.

Increase The Inconvenience Of Eating

Suppose you are looking forward to your guests paying more attention to you and less attention to food. In that case, you might consider increasing the inconvenience of getting candies, juices, etc. Consider placing them far away to make your guests think if they really need to have sweets again. 

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