A Guide To Be A Calm Bride

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Wedding is the only event when all the attention and focus is on you. Why should it not be? It is a once in a lifetime moment and you deserve it! With all the attention hits the anxiety of everything being perfect. Most brides face stage anxiety where you are scared of being the center of attention. This is common and there is nothing to worry about. Here is a guide to be a calm bride. 

You’re Not The Only One Anxious!

Yes! You’re not the only one who is anxious on your big day. It is your groom’s big day as well and it is also a big day for your parents and in-laws making them equally nervous. They want everything to be perfect too. So chill out! Everything will work out just fine.

Visualize Your Big Day

Fantasize the most perfect moments! This is the moment you waited for so long and it is finally here. Visualize the moments when you will finally say, “Qubool hai!” out loud. Visualize walking down the aisle and rocking to your favorite songs, receiving salamis (of course, who doesn’t get excited at this thought) think about how you will be spending them after. Try to have fun in your mind before facing the actual event.

Make Sure To Have “Me” Time

Even if you expect yourself to not panic, make sure that you already have some activities planned ahead of time. You can compile a playlist consisting of your favorite songs, have a set of headphones and just sit in a corner, close your eyes and jam to your favorite songs. You can literally take anything you love doing into the bridal room with you to relax and kill some time. It can be crocheting, painting, calligraphy, journal or anything at all. Being a bride should not stop you from that.


Keep Your Favorite People Around

If you have someone you feel extremely comfortable with, make sure to keep them around and ask them to stay with you at all times. Choose your best friends as your bridesmaids to keep them around. They can surely lighten up the mood and lift you in case you feel anxious. 

Get Cheeky With The Photos

Did you know that your wedding photos don’t need to be all formal and forced? You can surely pull off some creative and ridiculous poses with your girlfriends and even with your man. Who wants a boring photoshoot to look back to? No one! So make it memorable and fun.

Focus On Your Man

Today might be the last or one of the fewest days you both dressed and got ready this way. Make sure you both look at each other all you want and cherish the moments. Be extra on your big day and pull off the dresses and suits. Keep in mind that both of you are equally nervous and you both can release some stress by reassuring each other.This will put you in a savior mode and you will feel more confident and less stressed or anxious!

So, let us know if this guide was helpful for you on your big day. Grand Events will always be your number one savior when it comes to any kind of event management. You can always trust us to make your events memorable and unique. Visit our website or call us to book a slot.

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