We offer the best decor and refreshment serving, along with mouth-watering appetizers and aromatic foods for your big day.


Interactive setting without distractions yet eye-catching stage to make your corporate event memorable. Serene environment to keep your guests focused and entertained throughout the event.


Take a break from all the managing for a day because it comes around once a year. Let us handle and celebrate your birthday with you while you get pampered.

Stage Décor

We will set the stage according to the requirements of the event. We use warm and cool light settings depending on the type and time of the event.


We take care of everything while you make yourself occupied with feeling refreshed on your important day. Perfection will only leave you mesmerized with the dream you have always dreamed.


We will make your mehndi/dholki memorable with flashy decor and music to bring the surroundings to life.


An alleviated and relaxing environment with interactive seating for all the guests with soothing background music sets the ambiance to perfection, an experience worth encountering